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Mission, Vision and Values


What do we do

We are, in essence, expert Problem Solvers. As in our name above, we offer help solutions for non-tech savvy people or those who want to get into the digital world with somebody supporting them along the journey, from Edinburgh, UK.

From explaining how Windows, macOS or Linux work to teaching programming, we go above and beyond to help people getting a good grasp on the topic they need or want to get more knowledge at.

We also troubleshoot, and harden computers, making them bullet-proof by cleaning any trace of malware and installing proper tools to avoid the most common attacks, also giving practical advise against phishing, vishing or smishing scams with real-life examples.

Finally, we provide guidance and mentoring to students or individuals who might need to gain a solid understanding of the basics of topics related to Cybersecurity, like Computer Architecture, Coding, Ethical Hacking and Digital Forensics, to name a few.

How do we do it

On an hourly basis, we provide either 1-on-1 or group meetings. By either using a customer’s choice of remote technology to connect live or by meeting in person (presential option not available for groups and may be restricted due to Government Guidelines), we provide our clients with all the knowledge and options they need.

By the very nature of this mission statement, our prices will always be set at a very ethically rate, having in mind both quality and sustainability. Since every person is different, the price of the services, although they are fixed, will vary depending on the needs of each case and the number of hours booked, making appropriate discounts for using our services recursively. Student discount will always apply if you are in College/Uni.

Get in touch for a personalised budget.

Why do we do it

EDHS is created during very difficult and unprecedented times right where the entire globe has been forcefully pushed to orbit around technology, no matter the sector. Regardless of the preference of the individuals, all sorts of companies and institutions started to shift towards a myriad of online solutions to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The problem is the world was not ready for such a swift change:

  1. Kids, missing important key takeaways from school because their parents are not tech experts and can’t properly handle iPads or Laptops, and need help.
  2. People about to retire, whose exposure to technology was limited have now to face Zoom/Teams/WebEx/etc and troubleshoot their device to attend those meetings, and need help.
  3. Middle age people, those who don’t like technology, have now to help case 1, case 2 and themselves because they have also been pushed in the loop, and need external help.
  4. With the booming of more and more non-cybersecurity aware people augmenting their presence online, it breaks our hearts to read the amount of scams and cyberattacks that have been recently happening.

We think globally, acting locally, by helping normal people achieve their goals without feeling lost or overwhelmed in their way.

We are here to help anybody who needs it. Being the problem small or big, make a personal inquiry and we will give you a personalised solution. We will always strive to give you the best advice.

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